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Manage shared instruments with ease.
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Instrument Sharing in Small Groups

In small research groups, there are usually several tools and instruments that are shared among group members.
You always want to maximize the use of these instruments, but do not want to spend an unnecessary amount of money on costly software.
The instruments are for internal use only so billing is not an issue.
(If you are to charge users, please check out out solutions for shared facilities.)

FOM provides a FREE hosted online scheduler for your lab, with a minimum one time installation charge.
With FOM scheduler, your group members can see an instrument schedule anytime using an internet browser.
You can always track back who used which instrument and when it happened.
At your request, the FOM team will generate comprehensive reports about instrument usage, which may be useful when you write proposals and annual reports.

To ensure the seriousness, we charge $100 for the initial installation. Once the installation is done, you may use the free hosted scheduler forever.

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See an example of FOM's free scheduler.
Click here to see a comparison of four license types.

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