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Manage shared instruments with ease.
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Management of Multiple Core Facilities with a Single FOM Server

If you have more than two facilities in the same institution that need to be managed with FOM, you may consider the enterprise license of FOM.

With institution-wide management of all facilities using FOM, your users enjoy the more convenient single-sign-on-access-all. Without centralized management, student users may be wondering where to find suitable instruments to fulfill their demanded research projects. With single sign-on of FOM, they need not ask around any more. Simply login FOM and they will see all the instruments listed and apply with simple mouse clicks.

Furthermore, we will help you with the integration of FOM with your institution's financial system, like we have done for several other universities. This integration ties the account validation, online passport, and dynamic accounting into one assembly line, doing everything automatically for you.

Never suffer from missed invoices, invalid account numbers, bounce backs, or unauthorized use of instruments.

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